Water Jet Cutting

The waterjet is an amazing tool for the fabrication industry because it can cut diversified material. That is to say, MAF is not limited to cutting metal as we are capable of cutting non-ferrous metals, granite, rubber, and concrete etc.

With cutting capabilities up to 7” thick, the waterjet exceeds most customer demands. The high-pressurized water mixed with a garnet abrasive allows the water jet to cut anything. The water jet is an excellent tool for cutting thick metal and can also achieve different cut qualities based on the speed programmed in the machine.

Cut Quality Water Jet
What Materials can the Water Jet cut?

GraniteMaterials for the WaterJet
Acrylic coating
Anything in your wildest dreams! 🙂

The best-cut quality the water jet can achieve is +/- 0.003 thou.

The laser cutter is an impeccable cutting method because of its speed and accuracy, but in the presence of reflective material, like brass and copper, the waterjet is the only option. Also, some materials are not recommended for the laser cutter, like PVC, as it release dangerous fumes due to the interaction with heat. Being a cold cutting method, the waterjet completely avoids burning material and releasing harmful fumes.

Our Water Jet

Not all water jets are the same. MAF Metal Alloy Fabrication Ltd. has above standard pump pressure, with 90,000 psi and 100 horse power pump making it possible to have the most effective cutting. Our waterjet also has Bevel cutting capabilities. Bevel cutting can eliminate some machining costs.

Specification Table

WaterJet Rubber-ROSE PVC-Rose MetalSheets-Rose Glass-Rose Foam-Rose