Why choose laser cutting?Buynow

High proficiency laser cutting is the most efficient method for cutting metal. A key point is, the laser is a superior alternative to plasma and oxy-acetylene cutting, as it results in smoother edges, less of a burr and minor heat affected zones. In addition, the laser cutting allows for part repetition, which is virtually identical every time, with +/-.005” (+/- 0.127mm) and can achieve the most intricate designs.


Reason’s for choosing laser cutting

• Best cut quality
• Smoother edges
• Ability to repeat parts
• Minor heat affected zones
• Cut intricate pieces

MAF’s unique laser cutter:

MAF can provide the best-cut quality that lasers have to offer. Especially with our high production laser cutters, MAF is able to produce repetitive products effectively and quickly. Additionally, our laser cutters Towersupport larger than standard sheets and has a rotary to cut tube and pipe.

MAF’s laser cutter is equipped with a loading and unloading material storage rack, called the tower. With this in mind, material of all sorts gets pre-loaded in the tower. Finally, once a sheet of metal is cut, the tower automatically replaces the cut material with another pre-loaded material, allowing MAF to run 24 hour laser operations. The tower permits MAF’s to provide quick turn over time.

Specification Table

Laser Cutting Spec.Chart