Press Brakes

MAF Metal Alloy Fabrication has the newest innovation in press brake technology. Each of our five press brakes are used for unique purposes, which could be thicker material, high production runs, complicated bends, small and large panel bending. Each press brake is equipped with many dies for the most custom jobs. MAF’s brake operators are highly skilled and are able to execute simple to complicated bends.


MAF’s Press Brakes:

5 press brakes
Custom bending
Highly skilled staff
Large panel bending


Large Panel Bending:




Re-bends occur when the weight of the top portion of the panel creates a small bend in the opposite direction of the desired bend. Accommodating large bending can be a challenge because of re-bends.

It takes an abundance set up time and and man power to bend large panels without an assist.

It takes a tremendous amount of set up time and man power to bend large panels without an assist.

Sophisticated bending technology, called the lift assist, has allowed MAF Metal Alloy Fabrication to competitively bend large panels without re-bends. The lift assist is synchronized to the press brake. This means the lift assists lifts up and the exact same time the press brake bends the item. There is no danger for re-bends because the lift assist carries the weight of the panels top end.


Specification Table

Press Spec. Sheet