Welcome To MAF Metal Alloy Fabrication

MAF Metal Alloy Fabrication has devoted its existence to perfecting quality.  With our strong safety practices, each employee provides quality workmanship. By keeping up with the newest trends in technologies, projects are guaranteed to live up to the highest standards. Due to our new technology and highly skilled labour, our customers identify our projects with the highest quality.

Why use MAF Metal Alloy Fabrication?

MAF Metal Alloy Fabrication promotes high proficiency laser cutting and water jet cutting, as the ideal cutting methods. Laser cutting and water jet cutting are excellent cutting methods because they offer accuracy, repeatability, and the best edge quality. These machines can cut intricate pieces in a matter of minutes, without breaking the bank on your custom metal fabrication projects.

The Metal Fabrication Process

For a diversification of services, MAF Metal Alloy Fabrication possesses large beds for our laser and water jet cutters, catering to customized and substantial projects.Forming steel is an effortless task with MAF Metal Alloy Fabrication’s five CNC press brakes and a CNC Roller, making MAF Metal Alloy Fabrication the ideal candidate for your unique projects. Welding is done safely and skillfully, with our Journeyman and apprentice welders. MAF Metal Alloy Fabrication has our CWB and Cor WCB certifications.

For the highest quality services, in Architectural and Industrial projects, MAF Metal Alloy Fabrications is at your service.

This is what we do best

Laser Cutting

Waterjet Cutting



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